Vehicle Door Lock Covered in Ice

When you park in an uncovered region during winter, you might be utilized to the normal routine of cleaning snow from your vehicle and scraping ice from your windshields, but what occurs when you try to enter your vehicle and then get the locks are frozen close? Blame it on the right mixture of ice, snow, and temperature changes. Now what?

Better yet, you could already have many of the things at your convenience.


Make use of a lighter or match to warm the key upward, then gradually push the heated key to the lock to assist melt the ice. Make sure you take advantage of a metal key and take precaution not to melt a key that might possess a plastic top.

I had to warm up my key using my lighter this morning because the ignition was frozen stiff from motorcycles


One solution to prevent a frozen lock would be to put a magnet on the lock immediately and when you park your car.

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Vaseline and WD40 both work for melting ice along with preventing frozen locks.


It’s a great thought to maintain several cans of deicer useful in case there is a frozen crisis.

Hair Dryer:

For those who have an extension cord as well as a hair dryer, this process isn’t going to fail.

Avoid breaking your key away in the lock and take your time and effort. Visit us – autoglassrepairbrampton’s site – again for more auto tips