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Cracked Windshield Repair Service

Started over 23 years ago, Auto Glass Repair Brampton prides itself on its reputation for providing high quality repairs for windshield, sunroof, and windows on all makes of cars and trucks.

We understand that our customers demand the highest quality repair and replacement with an fastest turnaround time with as little inconvenience as possible.

What others say about our work

Great professional service, good price, and definitely very quick getting things done for my car!
Brampton's resident - from Google business page
Third repair shop that we called and they are the only that have the windshield in stock? Don’t have time to wait so we went with them. Price is very reasonable. Friendly service and got the job done. Thank you.
Brampton's resident - from Google business page
Recommended by our friends John and Tina. We came to see them with our BMW after we called 2 other shops for quote. 5 mins in talking to them we know that we can trust them to get the job done right. Pricing to us wasn’t as important as but it is a bonus that they quote is much lower than other shops. They did a good job replacing the windshield and we were on our way before the rush hour heading back to Toronto. We want to say thanks again and would love to recommend this shop to other friends and family members.
Toronto's resident - from Google business page

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We fix car cracked windshield

Committed to providing the best auto repair/replacement services in Brampton.

Auto Glass Repair Brampton is Brampton’s best in class vehicle glass repair and replacement shop. We are servicing hundreds of satisfied car and truck owners each year for the last 23+ years.

When you choose to repair your auto glass in our shop, you can relax knowing that all our workmanship is a lifetime guaranteed for as long as you own the car.

We’ll Pay Your Auto Insurance Deductible

We will take care of the deductible in your auto insurance policy without raising the monthly premium. Let your insurance company pay for your cost. Ask us how today.

Friendly as it can be
Very fair price
Quick turnaround time
High quality workmanship

We Fix All Cars/Trucks

The best windshield may add additional security to your car or truck as well as streamline the appearance of it.

For the last 70 years, laminated glass continues to be the preferred option in many vehicles. In the turn of the past century, laminated glass is several layers. It’s several layers of glass surrounding an interior plastic or resin layer which functions as a binding inter layer. There’s also tempered glass. Tempered safety glass is one bit of glass which has been heated then cooled rapidly to harden it. That enables it to break into little, pebble-like bits without sharp edges.

Because it will not enable the glass to shatter wholly, laminated glass is perfect for vehicles of all shapes and sizes. It’s also gained the consumer by being mostly repairable; chips and cracks are easily fixed with a resin. While its safety features are innumerable, it has more attributes which make it the number one option for vehicle glass makers and vehicle glass repair services.

Laminated glass is a lot harder to shatter than glass that is tempered. Which means that larceny is significantly reduced just due to the time frame it might take for the burglar to easily shatter it. Also, the excess layer in the laminated glass is ideal to reduce the outdoor noise. It will help to safeguard you as well as your passengers from UV rays and keeps your automobile at a more comfortable temperature through the warmer months.

Tempered glass, while it has its edges, should never be utilized in windshields. It just is too simple to shatter. And while this might be advantageous inside windows for security reasons, it may be extremely dangerous in a windshield. A stone that will just chip laminated glass could shatter anneal glass; which might be unbelievably dangerous in the event you are going at high speed on the highway.

It is crucial that you maintain your glass – find best cracked windshield repair cost with us, regardless of what the substance, in good shape. Automobile glass repair services can be found to fix your vehicle glass having a minimal price for you. On the situation, the repair might even be covered by your insurance carrier.

Speak to your insurance agent or a certified vehicle glass repair tech today to go over your choices and just how much it’d cost. Older vehicles must be scrutinized to be certain they have the proper sort of safety glass installed.