Clever Car Windshield Tips To Survive Winter

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It’s just an issue of time before the winter season turns frightful. Each year you can try to be as prepared as you can for each of the exceptional driving challenges winter gifts. This is a listing of some useful windshield tips as well as tricks that will help you live winter 2018:

Repairing Foggy Windshields

Put shaving cream on the interior of your windows and after that wipe it off. Also, the AC is among the best defoggers. The compressor takes the humidity from the atmosphere.

Those additional socks in your vehicle may be convenient for the wiper blades. Use an additional pair to cover your windshield wipers during the night to maintain the snow and ice from these. Lift the wipers from the windshield and cover them up for simpler deicing each day.

Windshield Defroster

Whenever it’s possible, ensure that you park your car facing east.

Simple DIY Deicer

If parking east isn’t potential, combine three parts vinegar with one-component water and spray the mixture on your windshield to stop ice from forming.

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